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Barbara Johns has been a fine evaluator for The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs for many years. We've asked her if she would like recognition for her work but Barbara believes that she owes the work to her beautiful therapy basset hounds. 

Mo, a Gentleman!

"Mo is an 11 year old basset that was rescued from a puppy mill by Tri State Basset rescue. I adopted him when he was 5 months old. When he was about 2 years old I took Mo and two of my other bassets to Kindred Souls for training. Chris from Kindred Souls observed us in training and told me that we needed to do Therapy work.  Who could resist those basset hound faces?  I quickly became addicted to therapy work and so did my team of dogs.

Since that training I lost my Barney and Flash in 2013 at the ages of 14 and 13.  But Mo carries on, and has helped me train 3 more dogs to the team.  Mo has worked in every possible type of therapy work for the past 8 years, but his real calling is with special needs children. Last June we did a visit to a summer camp program for our special needs children and it was Mo's 1000th visit as a therapy dog.   

Even kids that are afraid of dogs cant resist Mo. I recall one visit where the principle had told us a student who closed off, she was a beautiful little girl but she never made eye contact with anyone and had been at the school for 6 months with no change.  As the principle and I were talking, Mo shifted around as if he was trying to get the girl to look at him.  He kept trying to get move into her line of vision.  All of sudden the girl looked at Mo, came over and sat down next to him and started to hug him and laugh.  Mo put is head in her lap and they cuddled. The principle and teachers were all shocked and started taking pictures to show her parents.  It was the first time in 6 months that she reacted to anything."

-Barbara Johns

Her Name was Lola

"I like to tell Lola's story so people understand the importance of rescue and not purchasing dogs from puppy stores. Lola started her life as a puppy mill mama.  She was kept in a barn with 100 cages stacked 5 high.  For 4 years of her life, she never got to leave the cage. She was malnourished and showed signs of being beaten.  An animal enforcement group did a raid to shut the facility down. When the raided the place, my sweet Lola was on the auction block and was being sold to a dog fighting ring to be bait. I met some folks from a rescue event at a dog event and I had my Barney with me.  This group was not that familiar with basset hounds and they asked me if I had room for her.  I already had 3 bassets but I knew I needed to take Lola in.  With Help from the wonderful crew at Kindred Souls we helped Lola get over her fears. She is now a test dog and has participated in testing at Kindred Souls for over 5 years.  Like my Mo, she loves to visit with children.  She is a loving gentle girl who started the 1st 4 years of her life with no love. Ms. Lola is now 10 years old and has been doing 2 to 3 visits a week, plus her work helping with therapy dog classes an showing the new dog how it is done 2 to 3 times a week. She has roughly 700+ visits in her 6 years as a therapy dog."

-Barbara Johns

Barbara's Basset Hounds!

From Left to Right: Mo, Reba, Lola & Andy

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