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The Founding Members

The founding members of The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. have been testing, evaluating and training therapy dogs since 1992. We have been working with our own therapy dogs since 1988.

Our purpose and objective is to help owners of well-behaved dogs, as they share the special love and attention their pets give to them, with other less fortunate individuals.

Reactions to therapy dogs are unmistakable, well documented, and amazing. Not all dogs possess the very special temperament that is necessary to become a therapy dog. However, if a dog has this potential we can help unlock and develop it. We understand how strong the love and bond can be between owner/handler and dog, and the unequaled pleasure that comes from volunteering with one's own dog as a team to aid others.

We want to help people get started and we want to help them succeed. The honorable "road" to working with a dog as a therapy dog should be a positive experience and not paved with intimidation, humiliation or stress. Nor should a handler who desires to work as a volunteer with his or her dog, pay a fortune for the privilege to do so.

We help organize for the testing.
We help with training, if necessary.
We guide dogs and owners to places to work.
Our Bright & Beautiful Therapy dogs and their handlers receive many benefits including primary accident and liability insurance within the United States, therapy dog equipment such as a leash and tag, ID card and holder, group visit information and periodic newsletters. We also furnish support and guidelines for safe and successful visitation.

We've been using our unique formula for a long time and it's one that leads to success!

Get that dog off the couch!

The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
The New 2010 Board of Directors.

June Golden, Chairman of the Board
Executive Director, Founder
The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
80 Powder Mill Road
Morris Plains, NJ  07950

Hazel Wichman, Board of Directors
Charter Member

Peter Ceru, Board of Directors
Charter Member

Debbie Perrotta, Board of Directors
Member since 1999

Joanne Silver, Board of Directors
Member since 2000

Wendy Wojtaszek, Board of Directors
Member since 2001

June Fisher-Markowitz, Board of Directors
Activities Director, Hudsonview Health Care Center

Shari Stack
Board Secretary

Advisory Council

June Golden…Executive Director
Peter Ceru...Editor, “Off The Couch” Newsletter
Karen Dashfield, DVM...Veterinarian
Barbara Edwards, Esq...Legal Counsel
Dr. Rev. Beatrice Feravolo...General Advisor
Reverend George N. Gavin...Interfaith Minister
Bette Weinstein Kaplan...Public Relations
Joe Matheson, J. Matheson Assoc...Accounting
Peter Campione...Training Advisor
Chip Griggs... Webmaster
Kira Wright...Director of Evaluators

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The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit all volunteer organization.
We do not accept monetary compensation for our visitation.
Testing Fees, Membership Fees, are Donations and are Tax Deductible

The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
80 Powder Mill Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Phone: (973)292-3316  Fax: (973)292-9559
Toll-Free (888)PET-5770

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